Executive Summary

Realise is designed and tested in house, and is completely proprietary. Realise stands among few peers as “stand-alone”, not designed to integrate to questionable open source software.

Realise is a genuine predictive dialer utilising an incredibly aggressive algorithm which calculates operation based on historical and current data many times per second.

Realise has a powerful xml scripting system and rule set to most effectively penetrate call lists. Unlike most other dialers, Realise reschedules callbacks automatically in a campaign, allowing more precise and calculated contact attempts, and therefore greater contact.

Realise has partnered up with Asia Pacific Network (APN) to offer you the most effective and cost efficient dialer in the Philippines, US, UK and Australia. As a premium provider of telecommunications services, APN is well placed to offer your company a holistic communications package of Internet, IPLC Leased Lines, Telephone, PBX and Predictive Dialers.

We can offer 24 hour support of all of your telecommunications with a single phone call to the Network Operations Centre and Predictive Dialer testing facility in Alabang.

We at Realise and APN look forward to offering our product range to you.

System Features at a Glance

Dialer Features

  • Onsite , Hosted or a combination
  • Fully scalable with service distribution
  • Outbound calling
  • Predictive, Power and Manual Calling
  • Inbound Capability with blending (option)
  • Set ANI (Caller ID) based on campaign
  • Data Collection through scripting
  • Compatible with Crystal Reports
  • Pool Priority with variable ratios
  • New/Rescheduled priority with ratios
  • New/Rescheduled priority with ratios
  • Local DoNotCall list
  • Full data exporting functions of pools
  • Web based Agent
  • Web based Manager / Supervisor
  • CRM Integration - Populated screen pop
  • Powerful Cassandra Database
  • Powerful Text-based search ability
  • TTS- text to speech option
  • Auto-Attendant dialing option

Agent Features

  • Extremely simple easy-tot-learn interface
  • Agent-to-Agent Transfer of call and data
  • PSTN attended transfer
  • Agent can view call history
  • Dynamic station extensions
  • Agent Recording facility
  • SoftPhone or Hardphone support